Scioto Analysis Principal Rob Moore Profiled in APPAM's "Five Minutes With..." Series

Last week, Scioto Analysis Principal Rob Moore was profiled in the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management’s “Five Minutes With…” series.

In the interview, Moore talked about what attracted him to the field of public policy analysis.

“Policy analysis is a great place for people who have the engineering mindset but an interest in making society as a whole better,” said Moore.

Moore also spoke about analysis’s place in the democratic process.

“In a democracy, interest groups and public opinion have a role, but good policy requires political interests to be balanced with facts about the impacts of policy,” Moore said. “Scioto Analysis is a firm that provides these facts to policymakers who want them and promotes better analysis at the state and local level.”

Moore went on to talk about the future of public policy, talking about the rise of equity analysis and the growth in cross-disciplinary analysis.

“Over the next thirty years or so, I expect public policy to improve its rigor and expand its insights in the fields of human development and well-being,” said Moore. “If we can better understand how policies impact development metrics such as education, health, and housing and food security along with subjective assessment of well-being, we can craft policy that responds not only to the classical economic concept of getting people what they want but also to helping people live independent, fulfilling lives.”

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