Rob Moore Discusses New Research on "Prognosis Ohio"

Scioto Analysis Principal Rob Moore recently appeared on Ohio health policy podcast “Prognosis Ohio” to discuss Scioto Analysis research on Ohio’s economy.

In the half-hour program, Dr. Dan Skinner, a health policy professor at Ohio University and host of the podcast, and Moore discussed the findings of Ohio’s Economy: 2009-2016, a report released by Scioto Analysis last month.

“The broadest…conclusion that comes out of this report is that income inequality is a drag on economic growth,” Moore said on the podcast, “that has direct implications for our public policy.”

Moore and Skinner also discussed the impact of state budget policy on public health.

“Money in people’s pockets and reduction of inequality and poverty also have health impacts,” Moore said, “if you can improve people’s health they will have better incomes, if you can improve people’s financial situations, they will have better health outcomes as well.

Prognosis Ohio is an Ohio health policy and politics report hosted by Dan Skinner.